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Tabula Asiae VII

Short Description

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Woodcut map for Sebastian Münster's Geographia Universalis, Basle, c. 1550, based on Ptolemy's Geographia, covering the region north and east of the Black Sea, and the Caspian Sea.  Descriptive woodcut panel verso.  Central vertical fold.  Faint ruled border in pale red ink just outside printed border.  Later hand-colouring.

Münster (1489-1552) was a German geographer, mathematiciam and Hebraist, who published editions and translations of the Bible as well as Hebrew grammars, and whose major work, the Geographia Universalis, a comprehensive and detailed description of the known world, was perhaps the most important and influential geography of the sixteenth century.  Its production involved the assistance of over a hundred and twenty collaborators.  In all, Münster published 142 maps, both Ptolemaic and contemporary, in his lifetime.

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