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Brief Chronology of Lear’s Life

Born Highgate, north London, 12 May 1812, the twentieth child of Jeremiah and Ann Lear.  Educated by two older sisters, Ann and Sarah.

1830:  working on illustrations of the psittacidae (parrots);  first published November.

1831/2:  collaboraton with Gould on The Birds of Europe

1835/6:  travels to Ireland, Lake District;  becomes interested in landscape painting

1837-9:  travels in Europe, and especially Italy

1841:  publication of Views in Rome, containing 25 lithographs by Lear

1842-5:  travels in Sicily and the Abruzzi

1846:  publication of Illustrated Excursions in Italy;  publication of the first edition of A Book of Nonsense, under the pseudonym Derry Down Derry.

1848/9:  travels in Italy, Malta, Corfu, Greece, Egypt etc.

1850:  first picture accepted by the Royal Academy

1851:  publication of Journals of a Landscape Painter in Albania

1852:  publication of Journals of a Landscape painter in Southern Calabria;  association with Holman Hunt etc.

1853/4:  spends winter in Egypt

1855:  second edition of A Book of Nonsense

1856-8:  travels to Albania, Greece, the Holy Land, etc.

1860:  working on large oils, the Cedars of Lebanon and Masada

1861:  his sister Ann dies in March;  Cedars of Lebanon well received;  third edition of A Book of Nonsense, under his own name.

1861-3:  winters in Corfu & the Ionian Islands

1864:  Corfu again, and winters in Nice

1865:  writing the Nonsense Stories;  winters in Malta

1866/7:  winters in Egypt & the Holy Land;  in December writes The Owl and the Pussycat

1868:  travels in Corsica, winters in Cannes

1869:  publication of his Journal of a Landscape Painter in Corsica

1870:  buys land in San Remo. intending to settle there;  Nonsense Songs, Stories, Botany and Alphabets published in December, dated 1871

1871:  More Nonsense published in December, dated 1872;  moves into Villa Emily, San Remo

1872:  arrival of Foss the cat

1872-5:  travels in India and Ceylon

1876:  publication of Laughable Lyrics, dated 1877

1877-81;  spends time in England and Switzerland;  moves into Villa Tennyson, San Remo in 1881

1887:  Foss dies, November

1888:  Lear dies in San Remo on 29 January


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